Griffin Corners

a boutique farm in the heart of the Catskill Mountains

Hi Friends! Welcome to our new coffee roastery and cafe.

Hi friend,

We (Chase and Griffin Corners//Chasing Honey Farm) are finally launching our coffee roastery and cafe in the Heart of the Catskill Mountains of Upstate New York, near where we live, work, and farm.

This is a concept in the works since 2008 and a dream project for even longer than that. We finally settled on a name, concept, and location. Last year we did all our shopping for suppliers at the NYC Summer Fancy Food Show where we’ve been regular attendees for several years. So now the real work of securing the site, renovation, build-out, and startup activities can take place.

We are a self-funded, debt-free, boot-strapped, wholly-owned for-profit company that aims to not only produce a superior cup of coffee for locals and tourists alike; though also hire people at a living wage and offer opportunities to train and expand knowledge in the fields of food service, commercial food production and packaging, retail and wholesale sales, small business marketing and management, and communication between all the stakeholders that help a small business succeed.

Drawing on a combined half-century of experience in speciality retail food service and mastery in the art and science of coffee and baking; Chase and friends bring their knowledge, experiences, education, skills, and talent to the Central Catskills to share their dream of a better future for all involved. We love these small village communities and see ourselves as part of the continuation of the next generation of Catskillians.

Any additional capital we raise will be through accessible crowdfunding platforms so that our believers and backers can be patrons to the work and artistry of crafting a super-premium product in an economically and geographically challenging market.

So coming next Summer 2018, we present to you the Catskills Crossroads Coffee – Roastery and Cafe, to be sited near Arkville, New York.

Please “Like” our page and get in touch with us if you want to get involved in the project.

Kind regards and love from the mountains,

Chase William Kroner
Managing Director

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