Griffin Corners

a boutique farm in the heart of the Catskill Mountains

About Us

The original 5-acre plot on 17 June 2013 the dawn of the first day with bees on-site.


Griffin Corners is a boutique farm in the heart of the Catskill Mountains.

It is currently a honey farm co-op; with a long-term vision of operating a vineyard, orchard, wildflower and herb farm, brewery and distillery, as well as other ventures in small-scale sustainable agriculture. Owned and operated by Chase William Kruppo.

In 2013, Chase founded Chasing Honey Farm on family land in Fleischmanns, NY, a place formerly known as Griffin Corners. Sleepy valleys and quaint villages give way to impressive unemployment, lack of opportunities for work, dereliction & decay; stagnation that keeps many in poverty. We hope to change that by crafting a sustainable farm that produces top-shelf goods for a world stage.

Chasing Honey Farm is the first in a series of long-term sustainable agricultural ventures in the Catskill Mountain Region of Upstate New York. The 5-acre honey farm co-op allows anyone to be a backyard beekeeper. Members can buy-in on a beehive and receive the honey from their bees, the proceeds from the sale of their honey at market, or a combination of both. Honeybees pollinate 1/3 of grocery produce. We need help making our dream of creating jobs, crafting superior honey, and aiding a declining bee population, a reality.



To provide a range of organic and natural agricultural products to an environmentally-conscious market, to preserve the heritage farming tradition of Delaware County, and to live out the spirit of American entrepreneurship.



Griffin Corners, LLC is a manufacturer of agricultural products based in the Village of Fleischmanns, nestled in the Catskill Mountains in Upstate New York. Fleischmanns was initially named Griffin Corners in honor of Matthew Griffin, a prominent lawyer (he was admitted to the bar in 1851) and businessman (he owned a store and later a hotel). He also helped to secure the village’s first post office in 1848. We so take the name of Griffin Corners in the spirit of that early American entrepreneurship, which we believe to be an inalienable right of the people to ensure self-determined economic success, to profit and pleasure thereby, in order to keep the peace and harmony of our free society.

Griffin Corners, LLC operates Chasing Honey Farm, a 5-acre meadow in the Catskill Mountains, opposite Belleayre Mountain Ski Center, which keeps beehives and produces honey and related products on a co-op basis. All our honey is Pure Honey, 100% produced locally on-site without chemicals. Unlike mass-market honey, which is often manufactured and processed overseas, our honey is naturally made without the use of any miticides (fluvalinate, coumaphos, thymol) or formic acid. We let our bees fend for themselves and develop their own natural resistance to the bee mites that are impacting honeybees in North America.

Products to include Cut Comb Honey, Unfiltered Honey, and bulk wax.

The venture will develop over time to include a solar array to power equipment and live-camera feeds accessible by co-op members. The farm is in direct line-of-sight to a Verizon Wireless mobile tower adjacent the ski resort, which provides the property with full service 4G LTE. Also co-located on the farm are wildflower, herb, grape, and apple crops which provide a pollen source for the bees and additional product lines as the farm matures to full production. Fruits typically take 5 years to mature from root stock. Only organic and biodynamic processes will be used to fertilize and control pests.

While USDA organic certification of our farm is a future ambition, we currently do not have the volume to warrant the extensive and expensive certification process. Regular soil condition, water testing, and other key indicators will be made publicly available to satisfy interest in our farming practices.


Chasing Honey Farm

Chasing Honey Farm, co-located at Griffin Corners, is just outside the limits of the Village of Fleischmanns, New York.

We offer tours on a limited basis by appointment only. See our Visitor’s page for more details.

It’s up on a forested meadow on the road to Halcott Center in a subdivision called Brush Ridge, where country cabins give way to stunning views of the surrounding Catskill Mountains.

There is plenty else to do in the area. Just opposite our farm is Belleayre Ski Center, which hosts a summer concert series and fall festivals/leaf-peeping sky-lift. Nearby Margaretville is a perfect day-trip whistle stop. My family spent long summer weekends in the mountains here through my childhood. My father sold the cabin in Margaretville adjacent state land in the Catskill Park back in 2001. And another branch of the Kruppo Family has their farm in neighbouring Delhi.

The Delaware and Ulster County areas have many unique villages, quaint antique shops, gourmet farm-to-table restaurants, and outdoor adventures from hiking, biking, hunting, fishing, and the like. There is a great day-use area and lake with lifeguarded swimming and concessions in Pine Hill, which is 5 minutes East of Chasing Honey Farm.

Why not stay at a B&B or rent a cabin for a week and make a vacation out of it. An hour outside of New York City, this is the perfect weekend getaway destination.

We recommend the resources at The Central Catskills Chamber of Commerce as a starting point of your journey to our pleasant mountain valleys.